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NO.CAR HIREIn City per day 10 hour'sOut City Per day 10 Hour
1Honda Civic
9000 PKR
15,000 PKR
2Toyota Yaris
5000 PKR
7000 PKR
3Toyota Corolla
5000 PKR
7000 PKR
4Toyota Corolla Altis 1.6
6000 PKR
7000 PKR
5Toyota Corolla Gli FaceLift
5000 PKR
6000 PKR
6Suzuki Wagor R
4500 PKR
5000 PKR
7Daihatsu Mira
4500 PKR
5000 PKR
8Suzuki Hi Roof3000 PKR4000 PKR
9Vigo Champ
8000 PKR12,000 PKR
10Rivo12,000 PKR
15,000 PKR
11Prado TZ17,000 PKR25,000 PKR
12Toyota Land Cruiser V825,000 PKR
35,000 PKR
13Audi A5
45,000 PKR
70,000 PKR
14Limousine130,000 PKR140,000 PKR
15Coater salon
15,000 PKR
16,000 PKR
16Grand cabin
10,000 PKR
14,000 PKR
17Changan Karvaan6000 PKR
7000 PKR
18Honda BRV
7000 PKR10000 PKR
19Toyota Corolla Altis 1.67000 PKR8000 PKR

Why You Choose Luxury Rent A Car Karachi!

At Luxury Rent a Car in Karachi, we­ redefine car re­ntal services. Our wide range­ of high-quality vehicles serve­ your travel needs pe­rfectly. You’ll travel in style, comfort, and at your own pace­ with well-maintained cars driven by our we­ll-informed expert drive­rs. Choosing Rent a Car Karachi means choosing a worry-free­ ride—just sit back and enjoy, while we­ handle the driving. 

Luxury Car Rental Service Can Book Online!

Sure, re­serving with practiced drivers is an option, promising a smooth and plush journe­y. Our online system makes it e­asy to secure your prefe­rred vehicle. It’s a matte­r of clicking a few buttons on the Booking Form. You also have the­ option of phoning in your booking or sending an email through our website­. 

Here Is Our Popular or Featured Car Service's

Want to ride around Karachi in style­ and comfort? Consider renting a luxury car! One ide­al option is the new 2024 Toyota Corolla, one of Karachi’s most be­loved luxury cars. The cost of renting this top-tie­r vehicle at Luxury Rent a Car may fluctuate­ based on how long you’re renting and othe­r factors. On average, though, daily rates can fall be­tween PKR 8,000 and PKR 15,000 (approximately USD 50 to USD 94). This make­s it a reasonably priced choice for pe­ople longing to enjoy Karachi’s luxuries.


In Pakistan, the Toyota Corolla is a commonly used car. The Luxury rent a car  in Karachi, rent it at reasonable rates.

PKR 5000PKR 6000-8000 Not Included
Seating CapacityEngineVariant
4 Persons1300cc Corolla Gli
Driver's Meal and
Duty HoursModel
PKR 100010 Hours 2018-2024

1. Which car is best Toyota?
Toyota offers various excellent vehicles across different categories, and the “best” car often depends on individual preferences, needs, and usage. Models like the Toyota Camry, Toyota Corolla, Toyota RAV4, and Toyota Prius are popular choices known for their reliability, performance, and features.

2. What is the smallest Toyota car?
The Toyota Aygo is among the smallest cars in Toyota’s lineup. It’s a compact city car designed for urban driving, known for its maneuverability and fuel efficiency.

3. Which Toyota car is best in Pakistan?
In Pakistan, the Toyota Corolla has historically been a popular and highly regarded choice due to its reliability, fuel efficiency, and affordability. Models like the Corolla Altis have gained significant traction among Pakistani consumers.

4. Is Toyota Corolla a small car?
The Toyota Corolla is considered a compact car, offering a balance between size, fuel efficiency, and practicality. Its dimensions classify it as a mid-sized sedan in some markets.

5. What is smaller than the Toyota Corolla?
Toyota Yaris is smaller than the Corolla in terms of size and features. It’s typically categorized as a subcompact car and is known for its maneuverability and fuel efficiency.


Hire a Honda Civic with a driver at a low price from the Luxury car rentals. In our fleet, we have Honda Civic models from 2018 to 2023. Book now for a wedding event or travel.

PKR 8000-10000PKR 10000-12000Not Included
Seating CapacityEngineVariant
4 Persons1800ccX
Driver's Meal and
Duty HoursModel
PKR 100010 Hours2018-2024

If you want to rent a car for the least amount of money, the Suzuki Wagon R is the best option at Luxury rent a Car. Wagon R is a hatchback car with a seating capacity of 4 persons. Book now the most affordable car in Pakistan to travel across the country.

PKR 4000-4500PKR 4500-6000Not Included
Seating CapacityEngineVariant
4 Persons1000ccVXL
Driver's Meal and AccommodationDuty HoursModel
PKR 100010 Hours2018-2024

One of Pakistan’s most luxurious and comfortable 4-wheel drive SUVs is the Toyota Land Cruiser V8. So, to make an impression on others around you, book a luxurious Toyota Land Cruiser v8 for your wedding, tour, or vacation travels.

Luxury  rent a car that offers you the latest Toyota Land Cruiser v8s at very affordable rates. In addition, you will get special discounted rates if you make a booking in advance.

PKR 25000-30000PKR 30000-40000Not Included
Seating CapacityEngineVariant
7 Persons4500ccV8
Driver's Meal and AccommodationDuty HoursModel
PKR 100010 Hours2018-2024

1. How much is it to rent a Land Cruiser in Pakistan?
The cost of renting a Toyota Land Cruiser in Pakistan varies based on factors such as the rental duration, model year, location, and additional services. Generally, renting a Land Cruiser can range from PKR 22,000 to PKR 70,000 per day, but prices may fluctuate.

2. Which is the cheapest Land Cruiser?
The Land Cruiser Prado is often considered the more affordable variant within the Land Cruiser lineup due to its smaller size and fewer luxury features compared to the larger Land Cruiser 200 series.

3. What is the lowest price of Land Cruiser?
The price of a new Toyota Land Cruiser in Pakistan starts at a higher range, typically from around $55,000. However, used or older models may be available at lower prices depending on their condition, mileage, and model year.

4. Is Land Cruiser a 9 seater?
The Toyota Land Cruiser is available in various configurations worldwide. While some variants might offer seating for up to eight passengers, they are predominantly known for accommodating fewer passengers in luxurious comfort.

5. Is Land Cruiser a luxury car?
The Toyota Land Cruiser is often classified as a luxury SUV due to its premium features, robust build, off-road capabilities, and sophisticated interior. Its reputation for durability and a wide array of comfort and safety features places it in the realm of luxury vehicles.


Get in touch with Luxury rent a car if you wish to rent a Toyota Prado with a driver for any event. Our rates are substantially lower than those of other car rentals.

Book Now rental Toyota Prado for your upcoming events and tours and get discounted rates.

PKR 15000-20000PKR 18000-22000Not Included
Seating CapacityEngineVariant
7 Persons3400ccTX
Driver's Meal and AccommodationDuty HoursModel
PKR 100010 Hours2018-2024
Fortuner Car 2023

Toyota Fortuner is the only SUV vehicle that the Toyota company assembled in Pakistan. It is more fuel efficient than Toyota Prado, which saves money. So book your Rental Toyota Fortuner and enjoy your journey with Luxury Rent a car.

PKR 14000-17000PKR 15000-20000Not Included
Seating CapacityEngineVariant
7 Persons2700ccLegender
Driver's Meal and AccommodationDuty HoursModel
PKR 100010 Hours2018-2024

Choose Luxury Re­nt a Car in Karachi and throughout Pakistan for your ideal automobile. Our exte­nsive collection matches e­very need and pre­ference. Looking for a lavish se­dan, a handy SUV, an exciting sports car, or a roomy van? We offer Standard Cars, Luxury Cars, Budge­t Cars, Vans & Coaster. Understanding each trip is unique­, we tailor our vehicle se­lection to match. Our fleet is we­ll-maintained for top-notch performance and re­liability.

We stand out due to our commitment to quality and top-of-the­-line service, making us a top choice­ for individuals and businesses. Planning a business trip, a ce­lebration, or simply a joy ride in a sophisticated car? Trust us, Luxury Re­nt a Car, to make it special. We pride­ ourselves in providing quality travel and a supe­rior experience­, transforming luxury travel in Karachi and Pakistan.

Get ready for luxury, comfort, and conve­nience with Luxury Rent a Car. Your ide­al vehicle is ready to improve­ your journey. Choose us, for a matchless driving e­xperience.

1. How much does it cost to rent a car in Karachi?

The cost of renting a car in Karachi varies based on factors such as the type of vehicle, rental duration, and additional services. Prices generally range from PKR 4,000 to PKR 140,000 per day.

2. How much is car rental in Pakistan?

Car rental rates in Pakistan differ based on location, car type, and rental duration. On average, prices start from PKR 4000 per day.

3. What do you need to rent a car in Pakistan?

To rent a car in Pakistan, you typically need a valid ID, passport, driver’s license (either a Pakistani license or an international one), and a credit card for security purposes.

4. How do I prepare for a car rental?

Preparation involves researching reputable rental companies, understanding rental terms and insurance options, inspecting the vehicle before renting, and ensuring you have the necessary documents and payment methods ready.

5. Do you need a Pakistani license to rent a car?

You can rent a car in Pakistan using a valid Pakistani driver’s license or an international driver’s license.

6. Why is car rental expensive?

Car rental prices might seem high due to various factors, including demand, vehicle availability, insurance costs, and seasonal fluctuations in rates.

7. Why do people use rent a car?

People opt for car rentals for flexibility, convenience, access to various vehicle options, and avoiding the long-term commitment and maintenance associated with car ownership.

8. Why is car rental better?

Car rentals offer freedom, flexibility, and convenience for travel without the responsibilities of ownership. They provide access to diverse vehicles based on specific needs and preferences.

9. Why is a better option to rent a car in Karachi? distinguishes itself through competitive pricing, a wide range of vehicles, exceptional customer service, transparent rental policies, and a strong reputation, making it a preferred choice for car rentals in Karachi. Read More!





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